One of our family’s favorite ways to celebrate every season is with a bucket list. Our {printable} 2021 fall bucket list is here, and your family is going to love it!

How do you intentionally work to celebrate each season in your home?

Before we discovered the magic of the bucket list, our family would always say we wanted to celebrate by having all sorts of seasonal fun, but the weeks would come and go and we’d never actually do anything.

A few years ago, we discovered that if we made a bucket list for each season with a list of every seasonal activity we wanted to do together, it suddenly became a priority.

When we plan our weekends, we check the bucket list to see what we haven’t done yet.

When the kids have a day off school, the bucket list is the first thing we check to see what we can do.

Just like that, we went from forgetting to do all of the simple seasonal activities we love to knocking them all out, and making some great memories in the process!

Printable 2021 Fall Bucket List

Our 2021 fall bucket list is kid-friendly and sure to be something your whole family will love. You’ll find everything from recipe ideas to outdoor activities to Halloween celebrations and more.

We’ve also included a blank version that you can print out and fill in yourself, if you’d rather come up with your own ideas!

Oh, and there’s also a bit ol’ list of extra ideas at the end of this post if you don’t love our printable list but need some help coming up with ideas.

So basically, the bottom line is if you need a fall bucket list this year, this is the ultimate list of every fall activity you could possibly need!

If you’d prefer a blank version, just CLICK HERE to download that – and if you need some inspiration, here are 50 more fall bucket list ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Fall Bucket List Ideas

  1. Throw a Halloween party
  2. Go for a fall foliage drive
  3. Bake apple pie
  4. Decorate your home for Halloween
  5. Create a fall flower arrangement
  6. Go on a hay ride
  7. Make homemade jam
  8. Visit a haunted house
  9. Tell scary stories
  10. Host a Friendsgiving party
  11. Take photos for Christmas cards
  12. Create a cozy fall playlist
  13. Read a new book together
  14. Visit the farmer’s market
  15. Work on a puzzle together
  16. Have a family game night
  17. Go on a family bike ride
  18. Roast chestnuts
  19. Eat candy corn
  20. Bake treats for the neighbors
  21. Create an autumn-inspired drink
  22. Go apple picking
  23. Attend a fall festival
  24. Have a family movie marathon
  25. Have a backyard campfire
  26. Play backyard football
  27. Collect acorns
  28. Stuff a scarecrow
  29. Go shopping for a new fall sweater
  30. Wear a scarf
  31. Decorate your front yard for Halloween
  32. Go stargazing
  33. Make homemade Halloween costumes
  34. Visit the library for fall-themed books
  35. Bake homemade cinnamon rolls
  36. Have chili for dinner
  37. Plant mums
  38. Make a pinecone bird feeder
  39. Donate food to a local shelter or food pantry
  40. Plant a fall garden
  41. Bob for apples
  42. Watch Harry Potter
  43. Drink hot cocoa
  44. Go on a hike
  45. Drink some apple cider
  46. Go camping together
  47. Have homemade donuts
  48. Make art with leaves and acorns
  49. Bake fall cookies
  50. Scare someone

Enjoy your fall bucket list creating! And be sure to leave a comment below if you have a favorite fall activity we may have missed.

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