Every year on December 1st, we have a little Christmas scavenger hunt in our house. We set it up the night before, and at the end of the scavenger hunt, our kids find their advent calendars for the year! We love the little themed advent calendars (LEGO ones are always a hit in our house), and this is a much more exciting way to present them than just handing them over to the kids.

Last year, I shared our printable Christmas scavenger hunt, and it was such a hit. I loved seeing all of your kids participating, and it made me really happy to see how much fun it was for all of you as well. So, of course, I knew I had to share our 2022 scavenger hunt, too!

two boys participating in a Christmas scavenger hunt

How does the Christmas Scavenger Hunt Work?

It’s incredibly simple. On the night of November 30th, I just print out the little clues and tuck them around the house in the corresponding spots. They’re not too difficult (my kids are 8 and 4, so it needs to be easy enough for them!), and I usually do no more than 8-10 clues. We usually have to get ready for school after the fun, so it can’t take too long!

After hiding the last clue, I hide the (wrapped) advent calendars in the spot the clue points to.

Our scavenger hunt always kicks off with a card from our activity advent calendar – I just tuck the clue into the envelope for December 1st. But, if you aren’t doing an activity advent calendar you could set the clue by their breakfast plate, tape it to their mirror, or just hand it to them when they come down in the morning!

Where Are the Hiding Spots?

Here’s a rundown for you of the scavenger hunt this year:

  • CLUE ONE (FRIDGE or PANTRY): It’s time to hunt for a Christmas surprise! Start in the place we keep dinner supplies.
  • CLUE TWO (MIRROR): I promise this won’t be a wild goose chase. Just go look in the place you can see your own face!
  • CLUE THREE (COUCH): My oh my – you have such a cute smile! Now go look where you might sit and rest for a while.
  • CLUE FOUR (SHOES): You’re doing great – this is so much fun! Check inside the things you might wear for a run.
  • CLUE FIVE (OVEN): No gift yet! You’ll have to keep looking. Go check the place where Santa’s treats will be cooking!
  • CLUE SIX (DRYER): You’re getting so close, you have such a good eye. Next is the place that gets our clothes dry.
  • CLUE SEVEN (CHRISTMAS TREE): This has been so much fun, I hope you’ll agree. You’ll find your next clue sitting under the tree.
  • CLUE EIGHT (BOOKSHELF): Only one clue to go, you know just where to look! The last clue can be found next to all of your books.
  • CLUE NINE (CAR): You did it! It’s done! The gifts can’t be too far…I suggest you go check inside of the _____!

I specifically chose clues that my 8 year old can easily read aloud and help with, and my 4 year old will quickly understand. They do a good job of working together on their scavenger hunt, and it’s always so fun to watch them running around the house to find their prize.

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Now let’s get to the good stuff! If you want to print out the scavenger hunt clues to use for yourself, all you need to do is click the link below and hit print. The file includes a few blank cards as well, so if you’d like to print those out and make your own clues you can do that as well.


Be sure to let me know if you decide to try the scavenger hunt out! You can tag me on Instagram, or leave a comment below. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

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