I’ve always been a big fan of creating seasonal bucket lists. It’s a great way to intentionally celebrate each little holiday and season, and it keeps out family doing fun and creative things.

In years’ past, I’ve shared a lot of our yearly bucket lists on my other blog, but I decided to migrate ’em over here from now on. So, at the beginning of each season I’ll be writing a quick post with some ideas for what you can add to your seasonal bucket lists! I’ll also always have a printable version of the list so you can stick it on your fridge and keep track of your fun.

Spring Bucket List Tips

I have two children with a pretty big age gap (8 and 3), so I always try to come up with bucket list activities that will be fun for everyone. Sometimes my older son will have activities on the list that are more fun to him, and sometimes there are some more for my younger son, but I always try to focus on things we can all do together.

Also, for the most part I try to keep things simple. If I create a big, elaborate list with lots of day trips and expensive activities, we may never get it done. But, if I stick to smaller, more manageable items we’ll probably get to cross everything off! I also love to include things on the list we’re already planning on doing. Putting a (pre-scheduled) trip to the zoo on the list just makes ti feel a tinnnnny bit more special for the kids since it’s a bucket list item!

With that, let’s jump right into the list, shall we?!

Our 2022 Family-Friendly Spring Bucket List

List of activities to do with your family in the spring
  1. Play in the rain.
  2. Go to the zoo.
  3. Visit the garden center to pick out a new plant.
  4. Go out for ice cream.
  5. Visit three new playgrounds.
  6. Go on a family hike.
  7. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  8. Dye Easter eggs.
  9. Visit a farmer’s market.
  10. Spring clean our rooms.
  11. Eat at a food truck.
  12. Paint a planter.
  13. Lay in the grass and watch the clouds.
  14. Have a picnic.
  15. Visit a new museum.
  16. Bake something new together.
  17. Hang a bird feeder.
  18. Go on a family date.
  19. Visit the library.
  20. Go fishing.


I’m really excited to get started on the fun, and I can’t wait to show the kids the list – my oldest always gets so pumped about starting a new bucket list!

If you haven’t ever tried creating family bucket lists, I highly recommend giving it a shot! It really helps us focus on family time throughout the season and make sure that we don’t end the season feeling like we’ve missed out on anything.

What are your favorite family bucket list activities?

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