Want to make the cutest matching family Halloween costumes? These Addams family costumes are so simple to put together, and there are tons of options for the whole family!

A family dressed in matching Addams family costumes for Halloween

My family loves to do coordinating family Halloween costumes, and this year the kids were pumped to put together an Addams Family Halloween costume.

I’ve always been a huge Addams Family fan (both the TV show and the movies), and my kids have been watching the old movies for their entire lives. They, of course, love the new versions as well and with Addams Family 2 coming out this year it felt like the perfect year to celebrate our love for this kooky, spooky family!

The Addams Family has a ton of great costume opportunities, so no matter how many people are in your family or group it will be easy to find costume ideas for the entire family!

Our family took a slightly less-than-traditional approach, because neither of my kids wanted to be the children in the family. So, rather than just doing the four members of the Addams Family, we decided to use some of the extended family as well! This year, we’ve got Morticia Addams (me), Gomez Addams (my husband), Cousin It (our oldest son), and Lurch (our youngest son).

Here’s a rundown of the costumes we chose, including the DIY Cousin It costume that I put together for my son!

How to Put Together Addams Family Costumes

DIY Cousin It Costume

Finding a good pre-made Cousin It costume was just about impossible, so I decided to go with a DIY version. Thankfully, it was incredibly easy to put together.

You’ll Need:

How to Make It:

  • Start by cutting a piece of yarn that’s about the same height as your child. It should go from the top of their head to the ground, plus about an inch or so.
  • Use that piece to help you measure and cut the rest of the yarn. I used two packages of yarn, you may need more or less depending on the height of your child.
  • Use hot glue to attach the lengths of yarn all the way around the hat. You may want to do multiple rows of yarn within the hat – I did two.
  • Have your child put on the long-sleeved brown shirt and khaki pants.
  • Put on the hat, and then slide the sunglasses on over the yarn!

Lurch Costume

Our Lurch costume required much less DIY than the Cousin It costume. For this, all you need is a kid-sized tuxedo and a Lurch mask! If you’re skilled with makeup and your child will sit still, you could also just use some stage makeup to create a zombie-like look on your child.

Be sure to practice your child’s low, deep, “you raaaaaaaang?” voice before Halloween!

Gomez & Morticia Addams Costumes

Possibly the most iconic couples costume of all time, these Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams costumes are so simple!

For Gomez, you simply need a black pinstripe suit (or something similar) and a black bow tie. Bonus points if you can carry around a couple of accessories all night – in particular, a cigar and a prop hand on your shoulder! Don’t forget the pencil mustache!

For Morticia, grab yourself a long black wig and a mermaid-cut black dress. Complete the look with blood-red fingernails, smoky eyes, and the most dramatic red lipstick you can find.

Practice your scowls in the mirror, and maybe spend some time perfecting the tango.

Other Addams Family Costume Ideas

Here are some ideas of an outfit for each of the other members of the Addams family.

  • Wednesday Addams costume: a Peter Pan-collar black dress, black tights, and pigtail braids.
  • Pugsley Addams costume: a pair of black shorts and a black & white striped t-shirt
  • Grandmama Addams costume: any old, black dress (bonus points if you can find a ratty gray shawl to toss on top), along with a wild mane of gray hair.
  • Uncle Fester costume: A long-black or gray trench coat and a bald cap. Don’t forget to draw some giant bags under your eyes using eyeshadow!
  • Kitty costume: A lion’s costume would be a perfect option for any kids who want to participate, to represent the beloved Addams Family pet, Kitty Kat.

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