Are you ready for our last day of DIY ornament ideas?

Today, I’ll be honest – I couldn’t narrow down all the different ideas I had to just PICK one last DIY ornament idea. So instead, I decided that today I’d share a round-up of twenty genius ornament ideas that would be so fun to make!

Maybe these would be a great fit to do with your kids, maybe you have an ornament party with your friends, or maybe you just cue up a good holiday movie marathon and do some crafting by yourself!

However you decide to try these, I definitely think you should try a few!

I’m going to share the DIY ornament ideas from around the internet first, then if you keep scrolling I’ll also share some DIY ornament kits that make your life even easier.

Ready? Let’s go!

20 DIY Ornament Ideas

Collage of DIY Christmas ornament ideas

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

DIY Ornament Kits

Prefer to buy a kit and call it a day? Here are some really great options!

Can’t wait to hear all about what you make!

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