Wood pedestal stands are a really cute and simple way to display just about anything in your home. If you have a candle that needs a special spot, need a place for your keys, or want a cute place to set your hand soap, a DIY wood pedestal is a great solution.

And the best part? Wood pedestals are so easy to put together on your own! It’s a really fast project that can be done with scrap wood – which is even better, right?!

an entry table with a DIY wood pedestal next to a lamp

Today, I’m going to share the quick and easy tutorial for how to put together your own DIY pedestal, along with some ideas for how to use one in your house.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

How to Make a DIY Wood Pedestal

You’ll need…

Step One: Cut Wood to Size

Start off by gathering your wood. 2×6 wood is the best scrap wood to use if you have it. You can make a wood pedestal with 1″ thick wood, but it won’t look as chunky!

2" thick walnut cut down for a wood pedestal

Start off by cutting the wood for the top of your pedestal. You can do any size or shape that works for you. I simply did a rectangle, but you could add a handle to one end or make it square.

I used a circular saw to cut my wood. If you don’t know how to use one, I’ve got a detailed tutorial over on my other site that will help you out!

For my pedestal, I used some scrap walnut I had that’s just over 2″ thick. If you don’t have any scrap wood and decide to purchase something, a hard wood like walnut or oak is a really beautiful and fancy-feeling option.

After you’ve cut the top, cut two smaller pieces for the feet. I made mine about 2″ tall and 2″ wide, and had them run almost the entire length of the top.

Step Two : Sand

After cutting everything. down, spend some time sanding it. For a more rustic and weathered look, be sure to pay extra attention to the corners and edges of the wood. A sharp corner or edge makes it really obvious the wood is brand new! By sanding it down, the wood will feel a little older and more worn. It makes it feel less like a piece that you just made and more like one you found tucked away at an antique store.

Step Three: Attach Feet

Underside view of a DIY wood pedestal with feet screwed into place

Once everything is cut down, you’re ready to assemble! Pre-drill a couple of holes in the feet, then add wood glue and drill the feet into the top of the pedestal.

I found it helpful to clamp each foot into place prior to drilling to ensure the feet stayed still while I drilled.

Step Four: Finish (Stain or Oil!)

Once the wood glue has dried and everything is sanded and cleaned off, it’s time to finish your DIY wood pedestal.

If you’re working with a more high-quality hard wood, you don’t need stain. The natural colors of the wood are beautiful as they are! Just grab some butcher block oil and oil the entire surface of the pedestal. It will bring out the beautiful richness of the wood and it doesn’t need anything else!

If you’re working with a wood that doesn’t have as rich of a natural color, you can stain it.

Overhead view of a DIY wood pedestal

And that’s it! This is genuinely a one-hour or so project and you’ll end up with a really cute piece of decor for your home. Not sure what to do with it? Here a few ideas.

How to Style a DIY Wood Pedestal

  • Set on the entry table as a key stand
  • Use it to hold a favorite candle and some matches
  • Set it by the sink to hold hand soap and lotion
  • Use it to hold a few kitchen essentials
Farmhouse style wood pedestal sitting on an entry table
  • Set it on your nightstand to hold glasses, jewelry, or your phone
  • Use it to hold seasonal decor – flowers in the spring, a mini tree at Christmastime
  • Keep it in the kitchen and use it to display treats and goodies when you have guests
  • Place a small plant on it and set it near a window

There are endless other ways to use a wood pedestal in your home, but that should get you inspired!

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