Welcome back to 7 Days of DIY ornaments! Today’s ornament is a bit of a pivot for me. I had originally planned on some cute yarn-wrapped initials for this ornament. But when I tried to actually make that happen, I quickly realized that it was much more challenging than I expected to make it look good! So, instead, we’re making some really simple (and adorable) DIY yarn tassel ornaments instead!

And guess what? They’re easy AND adorable.

My favorite combination, as you know by now.

Yarn ornament on a Christmas tree

These are the type of ornament that are quick enough to make you could make a ton of them back to back – how cute would an entire tree filled with these guys be?!

Here’s how to make ’em…

DIY Yarn Tassel Ornaments

You’ll need…

  • Various colors of yarn
  • Wood beads or bells (optional!)
  • A small piece of cardboard or something to wrap your yarn around

Wrap Yarn

You’ll start by wrapping your yarn a bunch of times around a small piece of cardboard or other object. I recommend shooting for wrapping 20-30 times – the more you do, the fuller your tassel will be! Cut the end of the yarn level with the bottom of the object you’re wrapping it around to finish it off.

When you’re choosing your objects to wrap it around, keep in mind that the larger the object you choose, the larger your tassel will be. You can play with different objects (or sizes of cardboard) to get a variety of sizes to put on your tree! I just used a leftover wood slice from our DIY wood slice ornaments!

Tie + Cut Tassel

Now, cut a piece of yarn that’s about 8-12″ long, thread it under the top part of the tassel (between the yarn and the cardboard), and tie it off. Leave some excess yarn here to create a loop that you can use to hang the ornament on the tree!

Then, slip the entire thing off of the book or cardboard you were wrapping it around and cut through the yarn at the bottom part to create your tassel!

Woman's hand cutting a yarn tassel

Finishing Touches

Now, grab one more smaller piece of yarn and wrap it around the tassel about 1/2″ from the top. You should have a finished tassel at this point!

If you’d like, you can even add some wood beads to the loop at the top of the tassel ornament – it adds a fun detail and feels festive. You could also add some jingle bells or other little adornments!

Close up image of a yarn tassel ornament with text overlay - DIY yarn tassel Christmas ornaments

And that’s it! You’re ready to hang ’em on the tree and enjoy.

For a really fun look, you could use a variety of colors and sizes for your tassels and put them all on one tree. Play around with metallic yarn, yarn with multiple colors, and different thicknesses!

This was a really easy and fun craft for the kids, and these little yarn ornaments look so sweet on their trees.

Miss a day? Catch up below!

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