Easter is one of my kids’ favorite holidays. They love decorating (and hunting for) eggs, they love Easter baskets…and they love the candy. Aaaaall the candy! It’s obviously most people’s go-to choice for stuffing Easter eggs, but there’s so much of it already. How about some non-candy Easter egg fillers?!

I’ve been racking my brain for ideas on things to include in our Easter eggs other than candy this year. I’ve got a great list here of 25 Easter egg stuffers that won’t give your kids a sugar crash. No jelly beans or M&M’s here.

You’re welcome.

20 Creative Easter Egg Fillers

image of an easter basket with eggs and text overlay - 20 creative easter egg fillers


All kids love stickers! Here are some great Easter-themed ones, or you could simply find stickers related to their favorite characters. For teens and tweens, these cool stickers will be perfect for their phone, tablet, or water bottle!


Mini erasers are always a fun treat to find. Plus, they’ll encourage your kids to spend some creative time with artwork after hunting eggs! Be careful not to put small erasers or other choking hazards in eggs for toddlers, though!


Of course money is always a win! My parents usually do about $20 per grandkid, spread out amongst a bunch of eggs, so it feels more exciting. You can do coins or dollar bills! I’ve heard of some families doing Easter egg hunts for adults with a large amount stuffed in the plastic Easter eggs. Sounds like a blast to me!

Temporary Tattoos

I think all kids love temporary tattoos. At least, I know mine do! For little kids, Easter tattoos are a great idea. For the bigger ones, these look like real tattoos and will make them feel so cool!

Small Jewelry or Accessories

For kids that are into jewelry, some cheap bracelets, necklaces, or earrings would be a fun Easter find! This is a great way to incorporate some special gifts into the Easter egg hunt. How special would it be to have matching necklaces for the kids in their plastic eggs? Heck, a cute pair of socks spread among two eggs would be a really fun idea, too!

Nail Polish

Nail polish is tiny, perfect to squeeze into an egg, and something a lot of kids will be super excited to receive! Here’s some kid-friendly nail polish, if yours aren’t ready for the real thing.


If you’re a cool mom who allows slime in your house (ahem, NOT me), then it’s a perfect Easter egg stuffer! Kids will have tons of fun with it after the hunt…just maybe make them play with it outside?!

Small Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are always a hit with my boys. Another idea would be little bath color-changing tablets, or bathtub crayons! Something about little bath toys is always a huge hit, and they’re small enough to fit in the eggs.

Hot Wheels

My four year old would love nothing more than an entire Easter basket worth of eggs stuffed with Hot Wheels! He can’t get enough of those tiny little cars.

Bouncy Balls

Have you ever met a kid that isn’t absolutely thrilled by a bouncy ball? I haven’t. Most adults love ’em too! They’ll keep everyone entertained for a while and the kids are sure to come up with a few games using them, too!

Mini Bubbles

We love playing with bubbles on Easter – what better way to get the fun started than to put some in the eggs?!


Spring is the perfect season to start using some sidewalk chalk, and a lot of the smaller pieces of chalk would fit great into some eggs. After the hunt is over, challenge your kids to draw the Easter bunny!

Washi Tape

Lots of teens and tweens love decorating anything and everything with washi tape! Adding this or other craft supplies to the eggs is a great way to encourage some creativity and avoid the typical Easter sugar overload.

Small Toys

Any small toys or trinkets you come across are sure to be a hit for Easter baskets. Think finger puppets, a deflated inflatable beach ball, a whistle, fossils…the possibilities are endless!

Hair Accessories

Any kiddo with long hair would love to find scrunchies, mini claw clips, hair ties, and hair bows in their Easter eggs! Heck, I’d love to find any of those things, too!

Lip Balm

My kids are obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with lip balm. They can’t get enough! Plus, at this point, they’ve probably already lost the lip balm they got in their Christmas stockings, so it’s time to restock. Am I right?!

Mini Flashlight

I don’t think there’s a kid on planet Earth who isn’t totally enamored by flashlights. I’m not sure why, but it’s a thing. Pop a mini flashlight in their Easter eggs, and you’ll be the star of the day!

Glow Sticks

The perfect thing to play with that evening while they’re hopped up on sugar from all of the candy the rest of your family inevitably let them have. Grab some here.


For teens, grab coupons to their favorite fast food restaurants! Or, make some homemade coupons to allow kids to get out of chores for the day, pick dinner, or have ice cream for breakfast.

Puzzle Pieces

The size of the puzzle depends on the kid – for little ones, you could grab a 10 piece puzzle and spread the pieces out among a few eggs. For the big kids, why not grab a 300 piece puzzle and spread it out among all of the eggs? Between hunting for them and assembling the puzzle, they’ll be busy all day!

Non-Candy Food Ideas

Still want to include a food-based treat that isn’t candy? Here are some non-candy Easter egg filler ideas that will still feel like a treat:

  • Cheerios
  • Raisins
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Fruit snacks
  • Popcorn
  • Mini pretzels

Easter is such a fun time to spoil the kids a little with some sweet treats, and non-sweet treats. Hopefully, armed with this list of non-candy Easter egg stuffers, you’ll feel a little more inspired to celebrate without inducing any cavities. Or at least, not too many.

What are your favorite Easter egg fillers?

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