October is finally here and that means it’s officially spooky season! I always have a blast coming up with fun things for our family to do throughout the month of October, and this year I decided we needed a Halloween charcuterie board. I didn’t want to get too fancy or complicated with it – let’s be real, my kids are picky. And they only appreciate it so much. So, I kept it simple and easy. I stuck to things I knew everyone would eat, and I just had fun with it.

And the end result was pretty dang cute.

Halloween charcuterie board
close up of a Halloween themed charcuterie board

It doesn’t get much more festive than that, does it?!

I learned everything I know about arranging a charcuterie board from my best friend – you can read this blog post to see all of her tips and learn how to do it yourself. It’s easier than you might think!

Aside from just following the basic charcuterie board tips, I added in a few Halloween-y touches to round things out.

Halloween Charcuterie Board: The Details

Here’s a quick rundown of what I did to add some spooky vibes to our board:

  • I started by choosing a dark board to arrange my food on! I have a lot of different cutting boards, but I wanted one that felt closest to black for this.
  • For a fun, spooky touch, I grabbed some gummy eyeballs from Target. I used one on top of a Boursin cheese round, and I used two more on the mummy brie. Speaking of…
  • I drizzled honey in criss-crossing lines over a slice of brie and added two little gummy eyeballs to create a makeshift mummy!
  • When I was shopping, I considered colors – I went with darker fruits (red grapes would have fit the vibe better but my family prefers green!), and kept the rest of the colors simple.
  • I normally wouldn’t add full cookies into our charcuterie boards, but I found these decorated sugar cookies and knew I had to have them! They were from Target, and they’re the perfect little addition to make it feel really Halloween-y!
  • Trader Joe’s has the most delicious little pumpkin-shaped chocolate cake bites. They were a fun addition because they add a Halloween feel and they’re one of our favorite treats this time of year!
  • I found some mummy-themed pretzel sticks at Target. You can easily make these yourself, though! Just grab some pretzel sticks and dip them in white chocolate. Once it dries, drizzle some more on top to create the wrappings. Then, add some candy eyeballs and you’re done!
  • And finally, I added a few faux spiders to finish it off. Just make sure your family knows they’re fake – my toddler tried to take a bite out of one!
Close up of halloween charcuterie board

And that’s all there is to creating the cutest Halloween charcuterie board around! I put this together for our first Halloween movie night of the season (we were watching Hocus Pocus 2) and it was a major hit all around.

If you want to learn more about how to make a charcuterie board, be sure to read this post – it has a ton of tips on shopping, arranging your charcuterie board, and everything else you need to know. I promise, if you follow that post you’ll impress everyone with your charcuterie board skills!

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