When my oldest son was about 6, we introduced him to the Harry Potter books. We took it really slowly and methodically, and we watched each movie after finishing the book. This summer, a few months before turning 9, we finished the last book and movie. It was such a special experience for us, and he’s such a big Harry Potter fan. He also loves crafts, so I’m always on the lookout for cute Harry Potter crafts to do together. These would be great to do after finishing one of the books, or as part of a movie night!

So, here are 20 absolutely adorable and easy Harry Potter craft ideas for kids!

collage of harry potter themed craft ideas

20 Magical + Creative Harry Potter Crafts

harry potter glasses  corner bookmark

via Red Ted Art

Harry Potter Corner Bookmarks

These cute little bookmarks are such a fun way to keep track of your place in your favorite Harry Potter book, and your kids will love all of the different versions you can make. CLICK HERE for more info!

harry potter themed giant clothespins

via Tried & True

XL Harry Potter Clothespins

Can you even handle how cute these Harry Potter clothespins are?! These would make really fun decor for a Harry Potter themed party, or even just for your child’s bedroom. And, goodness knows, my kids would find it so fun to make these! CLICK HERE to learn how.

Bath bomb styled to look like a golden snitch

via STEAM Powered Family

Golden Snitch Bath Bombs

My kids LOVE a good bath bomb, and making a Harry Potter themed one might just be the most exciting version! These little golden snitch bath bombs are really adorable. Plus, a golden snitch bath would make the perfect ending to a Harry Potter movie night. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Paper banner with Hogwarts houses

via Laura’s Crafty Life

Hogwarts House Banner

If you really want to go all out for movie night with a decoration that can be used anywhere you want afterwards, this is a great idea! This little Hogwarts house banner would make the cutest addition to your Harry Potter movie night, and your kids will love hanging it up in their room afterwards. CLICK HERE to learn how to make one.

Post it note pad decorated with a "monster" cover

via Instructables

Monster Book

Everyone loves the Monster Book of Monsters, right?! This is the cutest little version that your kids will be so excited to make. I know my son would be so proud to tuck this little guy in his backpack and cart it to school with him! CLICK HERE to learn how to make one!

Clay mandrake roots from Harry Potter

via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Clay Mandrake Roots

This is a great craft for an older kiddo or one who really likes to dig in deep with something a little more complex. Jackson LOVES working with air dry clay and is really good with it, so I can see him having a blast with this craft! CLICK HERE for the details.

harry potter potions necklaces

via The Scrap Shoppe

Potions Necklaces

Our boys made a really similar craft to this at our local library this summer, and they both still wear them all the time! It’s the cutest idea, and it’s so simple to make. CLICK HERE to learn how to make them.

Close up of Harry Potter wand craft

via Fun Money Mom

DIY Harry Potter Wands

If you’re going to be doing any Harry Potter crafts you, OF COURSE, need a wand! These are really simple to make and so cute. The kids will love running around the house casting spells, and you just might find yourself with a whole collection of wands in the house. CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

via PopSugar

Harry Potter Planter

Are you kidding me with this?! This combines two of my son’s favorite things in the world – plants and Harry Potter! He’ll have a blast making this and it’s definitely going on our “to do” list ASAP. I love how simple it is, so kids don’t have a hard time recreating it. CLICK HERE for the details.

harry potter themed crossword puzzle

via Me & My Inklings

Harry Potter Printables

This little roundup of adorable Harry Potter themed printables and games is great for a rainy day when you want to keep the kids busy! They can color, complete the puzzles, and create little scenes with the printables. There are tons of cute ones – CLICK HERE to see them all.

harry potter themed dragon egg craft

via Major Gates

Who doesn’t love dragons?! These dragon eggs are made with little paper mache eggs, and they can be used for decorations, to play games, or even for a Harry Potter themed egg hunt! CLICK HERE for more info.

owl bookmark

via Creatively Beth

Owl Bookmark

This is the perfect craft for a day where you aren’t feeling like getting super complicated. Just print out this little owl bookmark and have your kids cut it out and color it! It would make a great quiet activity for them to do during a Harry Potter movie, if your kiddos struggle to sit still. CLICK HERE to get it!

printable harry potter bingo game

via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Harry Potter Bingo

Every good movie night also has a game. And Harry Potter Bingo is the absolute perfect game to play before you watch a movie! Your kids will beg to play over and over, and it requires almost zero effort on your part. That’s my favorite kind of activity. CLICK HERE to grab it.

Harry potter doodles

via Amy Latta Creations

Harry Potter Doodles

Do your kids love “how to draw” videos as much as mine do?! This is the old-scool version of it – a little step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a few Harry Potter doodles! I’d love to sit down with my oldest and learn a few of these with him, and it would be so fun to decorate a coloring page with all sorts of Harry Potter doodles. CLICK HERE to learn how to draw them.

a crocheted owl stuffed animal

via 5 Little Monsters

Crocheted Hedwig

I have no idea how to crochet, but wouldn’t it be fun to learn?! This little crocheted Hedwig stuffed animal is beyond adorable, and I know my son would absolutely cherish it. Maybe we can learn how to do it together?! CLICK HERE for all the details.

DIY pygmy puff stuffed animal

via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Plush Pygmy Puff

Speaking of DIY stuffed animals – are you kidding me with this one? My son would abosolutely lose his mind over this adorable little DIY stuffed animal, and I think it’s even more special if he could make it himself! The world of Harry Potter has some of the most fun magical creatures, and the Pygmy Puff is one of the cutest! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

DIY feather quills

via Red Ted Art

Feather Quills

Everyone at Hogwarts writes with quills, and while it never made sense to me that wizards would use such an old-fashioned tool, it makes a fun craft! Your kid will love pretending like their homework is actually for Transfiguration class and not just regular old math. CLICK HERE for more information.

glow stick craft that looks like a broomstick

via One Little Project

Glow Stick Broomsticks

These would make the cutest party favor, or even something to pass out at Halloween! Kids always love glow sticks – it’s science – so turning them into a broomstick is the perfect way to make them even better. CLICK HERE to learn how.

via Happiness is Homemade

Quidditch Shirt

Do you have a Cricut?! Then you can make the most adorable DIY quidditch shirts for your kids. And maybe one for yourself, too. Because grown ups love Harry Potter too, am I right?! CLICK HERE for the details.

DIY harry potter themed notebooks

via Polka Dot Chair

Harry Potter House Notebooks

Why not go back to school in style with these DIY Hogwarts house-inspired notebooks?! It’s a really simple project that your kids can tackle mostly on their own, and they’ll be so proud to carry their cute new notebooks around. CLICK HERE for all the info.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really inspired to head out and do some Harry Potter crafts now! Which one should we start with?!

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