Read on to learn how to make the cutest hooded towels for kids! I’m not a sewer, but this was so easy!

When my oldest son was a toddler, he was very particular about bath time. He wanted to wash himself. He wanted to play for hours. And he was very (very!) picky about his towels.

You see, my friend made a really cute hooded towel for Jackson forever ago, and it quickly became his very favorite towel of all time. Every single time I pulled out any other towel, he’d whine about the lack of a “hat”. He was always giddy when his hooded towel was one he got to wrap up in.

After a while, I decided I had to figure out how to make my own. I avoided it for a while because the sewing machine and I haveĀ never been on very good terms with one another. But, I eventually decided to give it a go to help make my kiddo a little happier.

I was definitely a bit nervous to get started – Corey joked that he was going to leave the house while I sewed because I usually end up cursing or in tears (or both) when I sew. However, it was a totally smooth process this time around, and I had no issues. Score!

How to Make Hooded Towels for Kids

small toddler with a hooded towel and text overlay - DIY hooded towels for kids

I promise, this is SUCH an easy project. If you have a sewing machine and a (VERY) basic understanding of how to use it, you can do this.


Here’s how it’s done:

graphic with steps for how to make a DIY hooded towel for kids

DIY Hooded Towels

  1. Start with a regular bath towel and a hand towel. You could also buy two bath towels, but it’s a bit cheaper this way.
  2. Cut your hand towel down to approximately 10 inches wide.
  3. Fold the hand towel in half (with the back side facing out).
  4. Sew along the raw edge of the towel.
  5. Now you have a hood!
  6. Take the bath towel and line the middle of it up with the middle of the hood. You don’t have to be super precise here – I just folded the bath towel in half, laid the folded edge on the middle of the hood, and unfolded. Close enough!
  7. Sew the two towels together.
  8. DONE!
small toddler smiling with a hooded towel on his head

This was a super simple 10-minute project, and he loved it! It’s been 6 years since I made a few of these towels, and they’re still going strong! They’ve gone through two kids, tons of uses, and about a million washes, and they still look as good as new.

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