Looking for some creative ways to display your kids’ artwork? I’ve got you covered with this simple and beautiful ways to display kid art in your home.

As soon as your kids start school (especially if it’s preschool), this phenomenon begins – they’re constantly bringing home artwork and papers. And usually? They want them to be displayed. Soon, you’re swimming in kids’ artwork, your fridge is stuffed, and you’re out of ideas.

It can’t just be me!

My oldest son is also big fan of drawing and creating his own art when he’s home. I love it, but it quickly adds up and before I know it we’ve got more art than we know what to do with.

I’m always looking for simple and creative ways to store and display kids’ artwork. So, today I’m rounding up some ideas to get you started in your own home!

Kid Artwork Display Ideas

Collage of art display ideas

How to Display Kids' Art

Ideas for how to display all the kid artwork in your home!

And those are my best tips and tricks for how to display kid art! What are your favorite kid artwork display strategies?

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