Have you ever played “Would You Rather?” It’s a very simple game where you’re presented with a choice between two things and you have to pick one. Sometimes they’re simple or serious, but often they’re silly! This is a great way to get to know someone, but it’s also a fantastic way to practice communication skills! This or that questions for kids are such a perfect way to engage with your children in a way that’s lighthearted and fun.

It can be hard to come up with great would you rather questions for your kids. So, I’ve rounded up 100 great questions for you! Some of them are serious, some are silly. Some are hard to choose between, and some they’ll know right away! This or that questions work on so many great communication skills, but they’ll also help you feel connected to your kids. It’s a win-win!

You can bust these out at the dinner table, on your next car ride, or on the walk home from school. Ask a couple before bed, or shout one out the car door when you drop them off in the morning. For older kids, you can even ask them via text!

100 Creative This or That Questions for Kids

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  1. Would you rather have a pet penguin or a pet kangaroo?
  2. Eat your favorite food every day or find $1 on the sidewalk every day?
  3. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
  4. Bath or shower?
  5. Grow wings or grow a tail?
  6. Would you rather have $100 right now, or $1,000 one year from now?
  7. Christmas or Halloween?
  8. Would you rather eat chocolate covered ants or ice cream mixed with grasshoppers?
  9. Soccer or basketball?
  10. Would you rather vacation at the ocean or in the mountains?
  11. Cake or cupcakes?
  12. All the toys you want or all the candy you want?
  13. Would you rather see a spider the size of a horse, or a rat the size of an elephant?
  14. Would you rather step on a snake’s tail or step on a lion’s tail?
  15. Netflix or YouTube?
  16. Would you rather be able to play any musical instrument or speak any language?
  17. Robots or aliens?
  18. Would you rather be a famous athlete or a famous singer?
  19. Would you rather have a pet snake or a pet lizard?
  20. Bike or skateboard?
  21. Math or science?
  22. Would you rather be an actor or a chef?
  23. Water skiing or snow skiing?
  24. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  25. Waffles or pancakes?
  26. Would you rather be able to change colors like a chameleon or swim as fast as a shark?
  27. Go to the doctor for a shot or go to the dentist for a cavity?
  28. Ride on a magic carpet or a hot air balloon?
  29. Play baseball or football?
  30. Give up your favorite fast food or give up candy?
  31. Would you rather be able to read minds or see the future?
  32. Get every new LEGO set for free, or get every new video game for free?
  33. Be the best in the world at Rock, Paper, Scissors, or be the best jump roper?
  34. Have a house with trampoline floors or aquarium ceilings?
  35. Go to the zoo or the aquarium?
  36. Ride a roller coaster or go down a water slide?
  37. Have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon?
  38. Winter olympics or summer olympics?
  39. Would you rather swim in Jell-O or chocolate sauce?
  40. Be good at every new sport you try, or be the smartest person in your class?
  41. Would you rather have to brush your teeth with soap or have your feet smell like rotten eggs?
  42. Spaghetti or tacos?
  43. Have pancakes every day or pizza every day?
  44. Ride in an airplane or on a boat?
  45. Live in the desert or on a deserted island?
  46. Drink sour milk or eat lollipops that taste like boogers?
  47. Would you rather see ghosts or a scary monster?
  48. Be a wizard or a superhero?
  49. Never take another bath/shower or never get another shot?
  50. Meet your favorite celebrity or be on a TV show?
  51. Would you rather never sleep again or never eat again?
  52. Would you rather give up music or movies?
  53. Summer break or Christmas break?
  54. Would you rather eat a banana and ketchup sandwich or a peanut butter and pickle pie?
  55. Find buried treasure or get a jetpack?
  56. Swings or slides?
  57. Camp in a tent or a cabin?
  58. Your birthday or Christmas?
  59. Would you rather get to invent a new holiday or ride a whale?
  60. Locked in a tower or locked in a dungeon?
  61. Ride in a jet or a helicopter?
  62. Eat a worm or a grasshopper?
  63. Have a pet peacock or a pet flamingo?
  64. Would you rather never be able to put your tongue in your mouth or sneeze ever 30 seconds?
  65. Would you rather have 15 mosquito bites or one bee sting?
  66. Live in a cave or a tree house?
  67. Would you rather have to wear the same outfit every day, or only be able to wear each outfit once?
  68. Would you rather be able to talk to dogs or cats?
  69. Eat a hot pepper or a sour lemon?
  70. Would you rather have hiccups non-stop for 15 minutes every single day, or one big hiccup every 10 minutes while you’re awake?
  71. Swing or slide?
  72. Never have any homework or never have to clean your room?
  73. Eat broccoli-flavored candy or meat-flavored ice cream?
  74. Would you rather have an elephant-sized cat or a cat-sized elephant?
  75. Would you rather suddenly become five years older or two years younger?
  76. Cookies or candy bars?
  77. Would you rather win one gold medal or two silver medals?
  78. Never have to brush your teeth again or never have to eat a vegetable?
  79. Would you rather lick the bottom of your shoe or eat a booger?
  80. Apple juice or orange juice?
  81. Sunburn or headache?
  82. Would you rather go to Disneyworld or go on a cruise?
  83. Batman or superman?
  84. Spinach or brussels sprouts?
  85. Would you rather eat ice cream for breakfast or pancakes for dinner?
  86. Tater tots or french fries?
  87. Would you rather drink everything with your ears or eat everything with your belly button?
  88. Would you rather have 10 fingers on each hand or 10 toes on each foot?
  89. Fly to space or visit every country on earth?
  90. Would you rather buy 100 $1 toys or 1 $100 toy?
  91. Would you rather blow out 50 butterflies every time you sneeze or cough out a mouse every time you cough?
  92. Crayons or markers?
  93. Beach or the pool?
  94. Donut or cupcake?
  95. Would you rather give up ketchup or ranch?
  96. Would you rather have your body covered in fur or feathers?
  97. Would you rather fight 100 rat-sized zebras or 1 zebra-sized rat?
  98. Be fireproof or be able to breathe underwater?
  99. Super speed or super strength?
  100. Would you rather have tiny hands and huge feet or huge hands and tiny feet?

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