These cute DIY Valentine’s Day cards for grandparents are simple to make with kids of all ages, and are the sweetest homemade Valentine’s cards around!

No matter what my children are doing in or around the house, if I announce that it’s time to do a craft, my children will drop everything and run to wherever I am to get creating. I absolutely love that they’re so enthusiastic about making things with their hands, and I always have so much fun crafting with them. So, it’s kind of a shock that this is the first year in my 8 years of parenting that we’ve made homemade Valentine’s Day cards!

But, oh man, am I ever glad we did!

Adorable handmade valentine's day cards for grandparents

Are you kidding me?!

We made these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day cards for the grandparents and put them in the mail just in time to get to them for Valentine’s Day. This was such a fun and simple craft to do with the kids, and they were so proud of their creations. I have a feeling that homemade Valentine’s Day cards for grandparents will be a yearly tradition around here from now on!

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Grandparents

Here’s a rundown of how we made these adorable little valentines. Keep reading to the end, because I’ve also rounded up a few more DIY Valentine’s Day cards for grandparents if these aren’t your cup of tea!

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Take + Print Photos of Kids

Toddler standing against a white wall

First, you’ll take your photos of the kids. Try to get them in front of a white background, if possible, because it’ll make it easier when you cut them out. Have them hold out their hand like they’re holding a bouquet of flowers. You can do full body photos or just partial photos – either will work great! I chose to go with photos from the waist up so the kids could create larger flower bouquets.

Once you’ve taken the photos, print them out. If you have photo paper on hand, that’s the ideal way to print them. I didn’t have any, so I went with regular paper instead and it worked just fine!

After the photos are printed out, carefully cut around your children’s outline so that the only thing left is their body.

It will look a little something like this:

Cut out photos of two young boys for homemade valentine's day cards

Step 2: Attach Photos + Draw Bouquet

Now, grab a piece of construction paper in whatever color you’d like and fold it like a card. I chose to fold it horizontally so the kids had more room for their flower creations, but either way will work.

Glue the photo of your child so that. the bottom of the photo lines up with the bottom of the card, and offset it so that there’s plenty of blank space off to the side.

Now, grab a green marker and draw some flower stems coming out of your child’s hand. If your kid is older, you can let them do this part – but I found it was a little easier to have the flower stems pre-drawn so that my kids knew exactly where to draw their flowers.

Finally, you’re ready to hand the cards off to the kids! Have your children add whatever kind of flowers they like to the end of the stems.

Alternatively, you could do black lines instead of green and have them be holding a bunch of heart-shaped balloons!

Toddler decorating a valentine's day card
Close up of handmade valentine's day cards with text overlay

How to Make Balloons

Instead of having my three-year-old attempt to draw flowers, I just had him do some simple heart-shaped balloons. Here’s the process:

  • Grab an empty toilet paper roll and fold one side in so that the end is heart-shaped.
  • Add a bit of red paint to a paper plate and have your child dip the end of the toilet paper roll in the paint.
  • Have them “stamp” the paper towel roll on the end of the balloon strings you drew on the page.

It was a really accessible way for my toddler to participate in doing the craft, and my older son actually ended up deciding to make one set of grandparents a flower card and the other a balloon card because he was jealous of the painting fun! And then the toddler wanted to make flowers. Because, of course he did!

Step 3: Decorate + Sign Card

And then, you’re done! Once the paint dries, let your kids write a note, draw a picture, or just sign the inside of the card.

I always try to use these kinds of opportunities to have my older son practice some letter writing skills, so I had him write a couple of sentences inside the card.

Once it’s all done, pop those cute little cards in an envelope and toss ’em in the mail! And just like that, you’re going to absolutely make the day of anyone who is lucky enough to get one of these!

Need More Ideas for Valentine’s Day Cards for Grandparents?

Collage of Valentine's day card ideas for grandparents

Here’s a few other adorable cards that you might love:

  1. Try sending a hug in the mail.
  2. Make a heart shaker card.
  3. Grandparents always love handprint cards!
  4. Bookmarking this photo book card idea for next year!
  5. These watercolor valentines are so simple but gorgeous!
  6. You can also “blow them a kiss” – adorable!
  7. This “I love you to pieces” card would be great for any age!
  8. This tissue paper heart is a great idea, and so easy for toddlers!
  9. Who wouldn’t love a handprint flamingo card?!
  10. Shaving cream art is always so fun, and this card is adorable!

No matter what kind of card you choose to make, your family will love receiving something homemade from your kids!

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