Last week, on Instagram, I asked for ideas for Valentine’s Day traditions for families – and, oh my goodness, y’all – you came through!

We’ve never done a ton of intentional Valentine’s Day celebrating in our home, but this is the year we start.

There were so many gems and wonderful ideas that you shared that I had to create a post to round them all up for you!

So, today, we’re chatting all about Valentine’s Day traditions for families and I’m giving you all the best ideas, plus some details on what we plan to start doing in our own family this year.

Mom and young sons with a large heart on a wall

Our Valentine’s Day Traditions

We’re still new to the whole “making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day” thing. So, I reserve the right to change our mind on any of these – but here’s what I’m thinking we’ll be trying to start doing each year.

  • I got some Valentine’s Day pajamas for the kids (here’s a roundup with a ton of ideas for both you and them) and I plan to surprise them with them on February 1st.
  • From February 1-14th, we’re going to leave heart-shaped notes on the kids’ doors with things we love about them. One of my friends has done this for years and. I always love it!
  • We’re going to do a little decorating around the house! Last year, we made the little heart decor you see above – Jackson has already asked to re-create it. So, we’ll do that and I’m thinking we’ll also create a Valentine’s Day mantel situation – stay tuned!
  • On Valentine’s Day, I plan to create some small goodie bags for the kids with some treats. I’ll give them to the kids at breakfast. I’m thinking heart-shaped cinnamon rolls are in order!
  • And finally, for Valentine’s Day dinner I’d like to start a tradition of having a “fancy,” candlelit dinner. I haven’t decided what we’ll eat yet (honestly, I’m debating between actual fancy food or just ordering pizza). But, I know we’re doing fondue for dessert!

When I type it all out, it sounds like a lot – but it’s honestly all small and manageable. For the first time ever, I’m actually really looking forward to Valentine’s Day!

Now, let’s get into your traditions!

Valentine’s Day Traditions for Families

  • Have dessert (cake, cupcakes, brownies, whatever!) for breakfast. No such thing as too many treats on V-Day!
  • Make a really nice dinner and invite the whole family. Grandparents, aunts, cousins – make it a whole thing!
  • Make (or buy) a small mailbox or treat bag and stuff it with little surprises every day.
  • Create a valentine’s station in your home, where everyone can write love notes and create valentine’s for every other member of the family. Make sure you all have a mailbox to stuff them in!
  • Pick a special dessert and make that your valentine’s day “thing” – a skillet cookie, fancy brownies, fondue, whatever! Bonus points if you forego a real dinner and just have dessert!
  • Buy flowers for the kids and for mom (or dad)! Letting the kids be a part of some of the “grown-up” Valentine’s Day traditions is really fun, too!
  • Create all the heart-shaped food. Heart-shaped pizza! Bagels! Cinnamon rolls! Pancakes!
  • Gift Valentine’s Day socks to the kids – several people said they still get them from their parents every year!
  • Instead of Christmas cards, why not send Valentine’s Day cards? Things are a little less chaotic this time of year, and it’s such a fun surprise for your loved ones.
  • Drop off chocolates, balloons, or flowers for your kids at school.
  • Have a Valentine’s Day tea party! We’re doing this with some friends this year and fully plan to dress up and make it a whole event.
  • Create coupons for the kids and gift them on Valentine’s Day.
  • Create little photo books of the kids’ previous year and give them their own photo albums on Valentine’s Day.
  • Buy a mini chocolate fountain and bust it out for dessert once a year!
  • Take your kids on a special one-on-one date! It might take a few nights depending on how many kids you have, but you can divide and conquer with your partner if you have one, and trade off who gets to go with who each year!
  • Create a scavenger hunt for the kids to find a small surprise at the end (like a new sweater or a stuffed animal)
  • Gift everyone in the house a new book each year!

There were a lot more ideas, but these are some highlights and a really good way to get your wheels turning with ideas!

The biggest thing to keep in mind about a tradition for Valentine’s Day (or any holiday, really) is that it doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy.

Pick something that’s going to be “your thing” and make it happen every year. Your thing can be pizza, candlelit dinners, ordering Chinese food, or watching a certain movie. The what doesn’t really matter as much as the consistency and routine around it. You’ll find that kids can be convinced that anything is special if you cut it in the shape of a heart or light a few candles.

I can’t wait to hear about the new traditions your families start this year – and I’m so excited to dive into ours!

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