Oh hello. Fancy seeing you here. It’s time for another day of DIY Christmas ornaments, and today we’re making the cutest DIY wood bead wreath ornaments. They’re SO EASY and SO CUTE.

Are you shocked? Because if you are, you haven’t been paying attention. I like my crafts quick, simple, and uncomplicated.

And this one? Well, it’s about as quick and simple as they come.

DIY wood bead wreath ornaments close up

In fact, when I sat down to do it with my kids my oldest son asked, “is that it? Are we done? Can we make another ornament?!”

Because apparently my crafts aren’t fancy and complex enough for him.

I told him he can pick and plan the craft next time and then I stuck my tongue out at him, so don’t worry, things are going great around here.

Ready to learn how to make these adorable wood bead wreaths?!

Here we goooooo

DIY Wood Bead Wreath Ornaments

You’ll need…

  • Thin wire
  • Small wood beads
  • Tiny Christmas trees
  • Glue
Supplies needed for DIY wood bead wreath ornaments

Making the Wreaths

You’ll start by cutting a piece of wire that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8″. I didn’t actually measure ours, I just added beads until I liked the size and cut off the extra.

We’re nothing if not totally professional around here.

After you’ve cut your wire, start by wrapping the end of it fully around one of your wood beads. This is how you hold things in place. I just threaded the bead onto one end, then wrapped that end around one side of the bead and tucked it back through the hole. This held nicely enough for me to string everything else on and as long as you’re relatively gentle with your ornament it should stay in place!

After you get the first bead on, you just need to keep adding beads until your mini wreath is at a size you like! I found they work best with a diameter of about 3″ – any smaller and they’re hard to hang, any bigger and they get a little unruly.

Side by side image of a boy assembling and ornament and a wood bead wreath

After you’ve added all of your beads, just string the extra wire back through a few of the beads and wrap it around itself to hide the excess. It’ll look like the photo above!

Finishing Touches

Once your wreaths are done, you’re ready to add the finishing touches!

I chose to add a teeny tiny Christmas tree to the bottom of each of my wreaths. You could also add ribbon, a jingle bell, or anything else that makes you smile!

I added the tree just by adding a drop of fast-drying glue to the base of the tree and holding it to the bead for about 30 seconds. Then, it was done!

When I say these ornaments were quick, I’m not kidding. It took maaaaaaybe 10 minutes from start to finish.

The kids were slightly underwhelmed but dang, they turned out so cute!

Close up image of DIY wood bead wreath ornament

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