Welcome back, friends! It’s day three of seven straight days of DIY ornament ideas, and today is one my kids loved and I, frankly, felt a little frustrated by – DIY wood slice ornaments!

Why did I feel frustrated? Well, because as much as I’d love to be the type of person with beautiful penmanship and a skilled hand when it comes to painting…I’m just not.

So, despite my best efforts, a lot of my painting crafts end up looking kind of like a child might have done them.

But that’s ok! This is about doing a fun craft with your kids, not about making perfect ornament.

So if they look a little, well, wonky…it’s fine.

Two wood slice ornaments painted by children

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

You’ll need…

  • Wood slice ornaments. If you have some wood logs laying around and want to make your own, be my guest! But, it’s easier to buy them pre-made.
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint pens (optional)

My original plan for these guys was to paint the wood slices black. Then, I’d use use white paint pens to draw beautiful pictures and write messages on them with my most beautiful handwriting. I’d stun you all with my talents and it would go viral on Pinterest.

Instead, the paint pens didn’t work all that well and I don’t actually have great handwriting and it turned out looking cute but not spectacular.

Black and white painted wood slice ornament

And then I broke out the paint because that was far less frustrating for me and the kids. So, we just had a little bit of fun painting some wood slices for ornaments!

And, honestly, it was even better. Because it’s good for all of us (me especially) to remember that sometimes the crafts don’t have to be gorgeous, magazine worthy masterpieces. Sometimes they’re just fun crafts to do with your kids! And sure, maybe you’ll look back at them next year and giggle at the crooked Christmas tree you painted. But you’ll also smile at the memories you made while painting it.

Am I getting too philosophical about Christmas ornaments?

Sorry, it’s a thing I do sometimes.

Anyways, the point is – this is less a tutorial and more, “hey, why don’t you paint some wood slices with your kids this week?!”

Two young boys painting wood slice ornaments

This would be a really fun way to commemorate a big milestone (“baby’s first Christmas” or “first Christmas in the new house!”), especially if you’ve got fancy handwriting.

Of course, if you truly do want them to look fancy and beautiful and you’re artistically-challenged like me, you could cut out some vinyl designs using a Cricut, stick them on, and seal the whole shebang.

Now that I think about it, that’s what I should have done.

Oh well – we had a good time making these!

Close up image of wood slice ornaments with text overlay

Stay tuned tomorrow – I’m giving myself a break from the mess and doing a non-painting craft. I think you’re going to love it!

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