I don’t need to remind you that I’m a huge fan of the bucket list. It’s a well-established fact at this point. And the Christmas bucket list? It’s my favorite one of them all.

We’ve done a Christmas bucket list every year since we first moved to Austin, so of course this year is no exception. I’m sure you’re dying to know what’s on the list now that we have a toddler and have to take a whole extra person into consideration (last year he wasn’t quite a year old, so he wasn’t nearly as opinionated as he is now)!

I won’t make you wait. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

A family friendly winter bucket list

Our Winter Bucket List:

  1. Go look at Christmas lights
  2. Have homemade hot chocolate
  3. Bake Christmas cookies together
  4. Build gingerbread houses
  5. Light a fire
  6. Have a pajama day
  7. Have a “no screen time” day
  8. Take a photo with Santa
  9. Watch a Christmas movie
  10. Wrap Christmas gifts
  11. Make s’mores
  12. Go eat at a favorite restaurant
  13. Get some Christmas-themed books from the library
  14. Read Luke, chapter 2, verses 1-20
  15. Have breakfast for dinner
  16. Buy Christmas gifts for a child in need
  17. Start an advent calendar
  18. Mail Christmas cards
  19. Go to a local Christmas festival
  20. Have a Christmas music dance party
  21. Have a picnic by the Christmas tree
  22. Make an ornament or Christmas decoration
  23. Wear Christmas pajamas
  24. Do a random act of kindness
  25. Make the house smell like Christmas

We’ve already started making plans to cross things off the Christmas bucket list and we’re crazy excited. There’s just something about a list like this posted on the fridge that reminds us to soak up the season and the holidays and really make the most of it. We get so rushed going through our day-to-day with work, obligations, and life that sometimes we forget the quiet and wonderful moments as a family. These little bucket lists are fun, yes, but they’re also a perfect visual reminder for us to stop and take time to cherish our family. It’s one of my absolute favorite traditions!

Want to use our Christmas bucket list for yourself?  CLICK HERE to download it!

What’s on your Christmas to-do list this year?

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