Did you end up with a lot of new LEGO sets in your home over the Christmas holiday?

Me too.

I have two boys, and my younger son is just getting to an age where he finds LEGO really appealing. So, LEGO organization is a topic I think about more than I should admit.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time over the years brainstorming LEGO organization ideas, trying out various ideas, and re-arranging LEGO bricks. We have a general system in place, but I’m always looking for more ideas.

So, here are 30 creative and simple ideas for keeping your LEGO bricks organized. This will be for you no matter how many you have in your house!

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Pre-Made LEGO Organization Ideas

  1. Stackable LEGO Brick Drawer. This little drawer is stackable, and comes in a ton of colors. So, you can color code the LEGO bricks as well! There are lots of options (one drawer versus two drawers, several colors, etc), so it’s really easy to customize the perfect setup for your kiddo.
  2. Travel LEGO Container with Building Plate. The perfect option for a smaller collection, or if your child loves to take LEGO with them on the go! This obviously wouldn’t hold a large collection, but it’s a great option for road trips or if you have a kid who is constantly dragging their LEGO bricks all around your house!
  3. 4-Piece Tote & Play Mat – This is a really fun all-in-one solution. It comes with some containers to hold the bricks, and the tote folds out to create a playing mat. Then, you can easily use the playing mat to pour the LEGO bricks right back into the storage bags when the kids are done!
  4. Storage Container With Building Plate Lid. A really great option for beginning collectors who don’t have a huge amount of LEGO bricks yet, this little container has a handle to transport it and a building plate on top! It’s a perfect solution for the kiddo who wants to keep a particular set of LEGO bricks together. Or, one who loves to carry them all over.
  5. Play & Store LEGO Table. If you’re ready to commit to a larger piece for your LEGO storage, this is a fantastic choice. It’s got plenty of room for your kids to build on top, along with two roomy bins to hold the LEGO sets.
  6. Play Mat & Storage Bag – I love these play mats that easily fold up to also hold LEGO bricks! When your kids are done playing, you can just cinch the bag up and they’re put away. Easy, peasy!
  7. Stackable Storage Bins with Lid. These little storage bins are a great way to organize smaller sets. Or, to sort your LEGO bricks by color. Or, honestly, just toss them in and call it a day! They don’t take up a ton of room, and make it easier for your kids to get out a smaller amount of LEGO bricks at once.
  8. Stackable Toy Organizer. Need a self-contained storage solution that is easy to move around, compact, and can hold a ton of LEGO bricks? Done and done.
  9. Large Stackable Organizer & Toy Container. This is a slightly larger version of the above storage container, if your child’s collection is a little more, um, unruly.
  10. Play Table with Storage – If you’re looking for a more neutral play table that doesn’t scream “LEGO bricks are stored in here!,” this could be a good option! I love the wood table, and the fact that the lid can flip is huge.
  11. LEGO Minifigure Display Case. If you really want to commit to the whole LEGO thing in your kid’s room, this cute little display case is a great way for them to show off their favorite minifigs!
  12. LEGO Storage Head – How cute is this little guy? Perfect for smaller amounts of LEGO bricks, it might not hold a ton but your kid will be thrilled to have it sitting on their shelf. It’s also compatible with #1 on this list, so it can sit on top of the bricks!

DIY LEGO Organization Ideas

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Prefer to put something together yourself? Here are a few more adorable ideas that you can create on your own.

  • Use Hardware Storage Bins. You often see these little plastic bins being used for hardware storage in the garage. But, they’re a great solution for LEGO bricks, too! This would work so well above a kid’s desk, or near where they love to build!
  • This DIY LEGO desk and storage solution would be so versatile for kids of any age. I love that it’s a little more “grown-up” than a traditional LEGO table. It means it’ll grow with your kids a lot better! And, it will hold a ton of LEGO bricks, too!
  • This IKEA hack is a genius idea that will easily grow with your children (the table part is adjustable and can be raised as your kiddo grows!). And, since it’s an IKEA piece it doesn’t require a ton of building know-how.
  • LEGO bricks aren’t the only thing you have to worry about organizing – those dang manuals can be hard to keep track of too! This little manual binder is a great idea. And the post has some free printables you can use to make it cute, too!
  • There are quite a few great ideas for LEGO organization here in this post. Everything from the bricks to the mini-figs to displaying completed sets! If you need a bunch of ideas in one spot, this is a great place to start.
  • I love the idea of building a LEGO playhouse instead of just a table. It’s a really fun way to encourage a lot of creative play with the LEGO bricks!
LEGO bricks stored in a cube organization system

via SimplyLivingOrganized on Instagram

  • This little hideaway LEGO tray is small enough to tuck under a bed or under the sofa, so it’s easy to let your kids play wherever they want without a giant LEGO table taking up space!
  • I’m in LOVE with these big shelves that look like LEGO bricks! You can tuck boxes of LEGO in them, or use a cabinet underneath them to store it all – this feels like a really great way to make LEGO a big part of your kids room in a more attractive way.
  • Here’s another great IKEA hack to create a simple LEGO table. This would be perfect for younger kiddos who have a smaller collection that could easily fit into a couple of buckets.
  • I love this idea of storing them on the wall in open buckets. You could easily add more as their collection grows over time, and clean-up is super easy for the kids!
  • These cube shelving units are available at a ton of different stores these days, and I love that they’re a good way to both store and display LEGO sets. The clear plastic drawers are an awesome storage solution, especially if you add some DIY labels!
  • This portable LEGO table is a genius idea – these old wooden TV trays are available at just about every thrift store around, and it’s a really fun upgrade. And, since it’s foldable, it’s really easy to store when not in use. This would be a perfect option for anyone with limited space.

Via holisticlifestylista on Instagram

  • These little plastic drawers are so, so great for LEGO storage – and how great does it look? The drawers can easily be pulled out and brought to a table, and if you label them your kids might keep them organized. You could do it by color, by size, or even by set!
  • I love under-bed storage solutions for LEGO, and this is a great build! It’s really simple and I love how large it is – it will hold so many LEGO bricks, and gives lots of room for building as well.
  • This cute little table is thrifted – and what a great LEGO storage solution! These types of side tables are available all over the place at thrift stores and garage sales, and your kids would love helping to paint it and turn it into a table of their own!
  • How about another IKEA hack?! I’m really impressed with how many LEGO bricks this one will hold, and it’s a lot more modern looking and attractive than a lot of other LEGO tables, which is always a win.
  • This thrifted coffee table is a perfect fit to create a really cool LEGO table. Keeping an eye out for good coffee tables at your local thrift stores is a great way to find something that can easily be flipped, because they’re the perfect height for your kids to sit and play!
  • This LEGO room is so adorable! It’s stuffed full of really great storage and organization ideas for LEGO bricks, and many of them are really great DIY ideas, too.

And there you have it – 30 ideas for how to organize LEGO! With these, you’re bound to find something amazing that will be a perfect fit for you.

Have a genius idea I missed? Drop it in the comments below!

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