Looking for an adorable idea for DIY magnets to make with your kids? These DIY animal magnets are quick and easy to make. And, your kids will have a blast making – and playing – with them!

Do you ever feel like your kitchen needs a touch of whimsy?

Something fun, temporary, and not too cheesy to make you smile when you’re exhausted and cooking dinner on a Wednesday night?

I can help you with that. Today, I’m going to share how I made the simplest DIY magnets for my fridge. This is the perfect project for you if you want a little fun on your refrigerator that’s sure to make you smile every day.

Although, fair warning, if you add a bunch of cute animal magnets to your fridge there’s a solid chance your kids will spend all day playing in front of it. Because who doesn’t want to sit and play with these cute guys for hours?!

close up of animal magnets on a fridge with text overlay "how to make adorable diy animal magnets"

This project was almost embarrassingly easy. You only need a few things, and it’ll take you less than an hour. And then, you’ll have the cutest little magnets ready to go for your fridge! These would make a perfect gift for a friend who loves a little whimsy. They’d also make great party favors, because kids love magnets.

Ready to learn how to make ’em? I’m warning you – it’s really easy.

DIY Animal Magnets

Materials Needed

I started by cutting all of the animals in half – it was quickest and easiest to use a box cutter. I just cut at a spot that made sense for each animal. Within less than 5 minutes, they were all cut and ready to go.

For most of the animals, I kept and used both halves. Because why wouldn’t I want a rhino butt magnet?!

small plastic animal cut in half

Once they’re all cut, you might want to grab a small sanding block and smooth out any rough edges.

I waited to paint my animals until after adding the magnets, but I don’t recommend doing it in that order. If you plan to paint your animals a fun color, it’s probably best to go ahead and paint them now! Then, let them dry before putting the magnets on.

Either way you do it, your final two steps are to paint the animals (if you want to), and add magnets. I just glued the magnets on the back of each animal, then let it dry.

small toy animal with magnet added

I decided to paint all of my animals yellow. I wanted a fun pop of color, and they felt a little more bright and fun than leaving them alone. But, they’d be adorable without paint, too! I gave them all a quick coat, let ’em dry, and brought them in to live on my refrigerator!

animal DIY magnets on a refrigerator

I love how the add a pop of color and whimsy. It makes me smile every time I see them! You could do this sort of thing with just about anything you have on hand, of course. Any small little toys can easily become magnets, and add a lot of fun to your kitchen.

Have you ever made your own magnets for your fridge?

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  1. Hi
    These are so cute – what kind of paint did you use (& did you spray or use a brush?).
    I’d be curious to see if they chip or peel over time and play use – and whether the type of paint has an impact on that?

    1. Just spray paint! And no, there wasn’t any chipping with regular use. If you’re worried about it, you can also seal them with a spray sealer!

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