Today, I’ve got a fun dessert-only Valentine’s Day charcuterie board for you! It’s really easy to put together, and your children (or friends, or partner) would be delighted to be surprised with it!

Valentine's day dessert board on a wood table

There’s not much in this world I love more than a good charcuterie board. You may remember that my friend, Parisa, recently taught me all of her charcuterie board secrets, and then I shared them with you here on the blog. Well, with Valentine’s Day rolling around I really wanted to make a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board to celebrate and practice my newfound charcuterie board skills. But, as I started planning it I quickly decided to pivot and do a dessert only board.

Because, if there’s any day of the year when you can basically consume nothing but candy all day long, it’s Valentine’s Day, right?!

This little dessert board was so much fun to put together. It would make the perfect easy dessert to set out for a Valentine’s day party, or to just surprise your kids with one day after school.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did with mine! I worked on in one afternoon while my youngest was napping and my oldest was at school. When everyone was home and awake, I made a big show of pulling it out and suggesting a surprise movie night. It was a blast, and I think it could be one of those simple surprises the kids remember forever!

collage of close up images of Valentine's day dessert board
A Valentine's Day dessert charcuterie board with text overlay - "valentine's day dessert board"

Valentine’s Day “Charcuterie” Board Tips

First of all, let’s acknowledge that I technically can’t call this a charcuterie board because it doesn’t have any actual charcuterie (meat) on it. But, we all know by now that “charcuterie board” has come to mean all sorts of things, so we’re rolling with it.

Because we can.

So, if you want to try a dessert-only Valentine’s Day board, here are some tips and tricks I learned:

  • Pick a color scheme and try to stick with it. Reds, pinks, whites, and brown (because chocolate) are a good start for Valentine’s Day!
  • Shop the Valentine’s Day aisle. Obviously, for the best Valentine’s-themed candy and treats, you’ll want to hit up the seasonal section at your store! I also had good luck in the bakery of my local store.
  • But, don’t forget the normal aisles too. Anything strawberry or cherry flavored is a great bet for a fun pink addition!
  • Group like items together. Just like we learned with Parisa’s charcuterie board tips, it’ll look best if you create little zones with different types of things grouped together. Play around with texture and color groupings to see what works best.
  • Use small bowls for small candies. If I had planned ahead enough, I definitely would have bought some of these little heart-shaped dishes! But, any little ramekin or small bowl will work great.
close up of treats on Valentine's day dessert charcuterie board

And really, that’s all you need to know!

Tools, Boards, and Ingredients

Let’s talk about the details!

I used this marble lazy Susan for my Valentine’s charcuterie board. But, you can use any serving plate or tray you happen to have on hand!

Here are some that could be a perfect fit:

As far as ingredients, here’s a quick list of everything that was included in my dessert board:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Chocolate-covered cookies with sprinkles
  • Dove heart-shaped chocolates
  • Strawberry wafer cookies
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Chocolate covered pretzel bark

It’s was simple and quick to put together, and the kids were beyond thrilled.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s treat?!

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