Looking for some fun and simple Valentine’s Day art ideas for your kids? Here’s a roundup of 18 adorable – and easy – crafts to do with your kids this February!

I love doing crafts with my kids. But, as a decidedly non-crafty person, I often struggle to come up with ideas or even know where to start.

Over the years, however, I’ve learned that if I can just get some ideas flowing and see some photos (and maybe a quick tutorial) for some simple craft ideas, I get really excited to get creating with my kids!

I’ve made it one of my missions this year to do more art projects with my kids. So, for each season and holiday I’m planning to round up some really simple and creative craft ideas. It will help get my creativity flowing for projects to do with my boys and hopefully it will also give you a bit of inspiration for your own kids!

We’ve already knocked out our first craft project of the season! Click here to see our Valentine’s day mantel we put together!

I’m hoping to tackle a few more fun (and simple) art projects with the kids in the next couple of weeks. So, here are a few ideas that I’ve been looking at. I’m thinking we’ll definitely make a card for the grandparents (I’m obsessed with the heart balloon one!), and maybe one or two more crafts just for fun.

Valentine’s Day Art Project Ideas

collage of craft ideas with text overlay - 18 valentine's day crafts for kids

I scoured the internet for the cutest, easiest, fewest-materials-required crafts that I could find. And, I’m putting them all in one place for you.

We have a pretty well-stocked arts and crafts cabinet, but we aren’t the type to keep really obscure stuff in the house. If I have to go shopping for a craft, it’s not gonna happen!

So, all of these projects should be mostly made of things we’re all likely to have on hand – paint, paper, maybe a pom pom or two.

I can’t wait to hear about which ones you try with your kids!

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Aren’t they all so fun?

Not gonna lie, I considered throwing a Valentine’s Day craft party for the kids so we could make every last one of them. It feels a little over the top. But, I’m still considering a little play date where we can make at least one or two with some friends. Because, aren’t art projects always more fun when you’re doing them with friends?!

Be sure to let me know which ones you end up trying with your kids. I’d love to see your Valentine’s Day projects – you can even tag me on Instagram, so I can re-share!


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