I love celebrating all of the holidays. Big and small, silly and serious. And, as my kids have gotten a bit older, I’ve started to have a lot of fun with planning things for them around the smaller holidays. Last year was the first year we put any real emphasis on Valentine’s Day, and it was a blast! I surprised them with Valentine’s Day pajamas, we decorated the house for Valentine’s, and we just generally had a grand ol’ time.

I’ve started to look around for options for this year, because you have to buy these things early! Last year, I shared some cute Valentine’s pajamas for adults, so I wanted to share my roundup for kids this year! I’ve also included a few cute tee shirts and sweatshirts for kids in the mix, for the kiddos who are a little more particular about their PJs.

Valentine’s Day Pajamas for Kids

  1. Red & Blue Heart Pajamas
  2. 3-Piece Snug Fit Set
  3. Satin Button-Up Pajamas
  4. Pink Valentine’s Day Pajamas
  5. Black Dinosaur Sweater
  6. All-Over Hearts PJs
  7. Footed Heart Pajamas
  8. Pink & Red Heart PJs
  9. Red Heart Sweater
  10. LOVE Sweatshirt
  11. I Love You This Much Sweatshirt
  12. Satin Pajama Set
  13. Heart Union Suit

My kids loved the surprise of new Valentine’s Day pajamas last year, and it was so fun to see them wearing them all month long. Sometimes the little things are the best, you know?!

My plan is to make a big, special breakfast on the morning of February 1st and surprise the kids with the pajamas, too. Last year, we also bought some Valentine’s Day paper plates and napkins and used them all month long. It was a blast, and really made things feel more festive! My kids wore their pajamas for quite a while after the holiday was over, too. Who says boys don’t do Valentine’s Day? Mine sure love it!

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